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Charles Schwab is a company that operates in brokerage and banking field. This company was founded by Charles R. Schwab in 1971. This company is based in San Francisco and now it becomes one of the largest bank and one of the largest brokerage company in the United States. This company through the subdinaries gives the core services such as securities brokerage, wealth management, custody, banking, asset management, and financial advisory services. According to Charles Schwab wikipedia, This company runs through two segments which are investor services and advisor services. In investor services, it provides banking and retail brokerage service, retirement plan service and the other services of corporate brokerage, compliance solutions, stock plan service, mutual fund clearing services and also engages in the off-platform sales business. In advisor services, it provides trading, custodial, support services, service of retirement and brokerage retirement.

Besides, Charles Schwab also provides some products with certain packages and those include.

  • Exchange-traded funds or etfs that includes proprietary and third party etfs.
  • Brokerage accounts with cash management capabilities.
  • Third party mutual funds via the mutual funds marketplace that includes no transaction fee mutual funds via the mutual fund one source service and that includes mutual funds and mutual fund trading and also for broker-dealers clearing.
  • Certificates of deposit.
  • Checking and savings accounts.
  • Advice solutions like portfolios of proprietary which is managed and 3rd party mutual funds and etfs, customized personal advice for tailored portfolios, independent accounts and specialized planning and portfolio management.
  • Trust service that comprises trust custody services, administrative trustee services and personal trust reporting services.
  • Pledged asset lines
  • First lien residential real estate mortgage loans
  • Home equity loans and lines of credit

Charles Schwab Wiki
Another fact about Charles Schwab bank wiki, Until December 2016, there were 10.155 million active client brokerage accounts in this company with $2.779 billion in assets. Now, this company operates in 46 states and also there are some branches in the other countries such as in Puerto Rico and London. In 1971, this company was incorporated in California as First Commander Corporation, a wholly had subsidiary of Commander Industries, Inc., for traditional brokerage services and to publish the Schwab investment newsletter. Then, in the next year, Mr. Schwab purchased all the stock from what was once Commander Industries and in 1973 the name of company changed into Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Schwab started offering seminars to clients in 1977 ad by 1978 he had 45,000 client accounts total and in 1979 it doubles to 84,000. In 1982, he began to be the 1st one who offered 24/7 order entry and quote service. Its first international office was opened in Hong Kong and the total of client accounts was 374,000.

According to Charles Schwab corporation wiki, this company opened an office in London in 1993. Two years later, The Hampton Company which was established by Walter W. Bettinger. And then, Schwab declared the acquisition of SoundView Technology Group which was $345 million to add equity research capabilities in 2003. In 2007, Charles Schwab acquired The 401(k) Company. Then, in 2011, Charles Schwab company acquired OptionsXpres. Besides, it also acquired Compliance11, Inc., which is a provider of compliance software.

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