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Wealth management is one of the service of Charles Schwab. What does wealth management mean? It is a service that is provided by a credentialed Financial Consultant to assist a client in managing and enhance his or her financial situation. When you decide to get a help to a Charles Schwab Financial Consultant, they will encourage your questions and their answers will be straightforward. They will help you understand where you money is invested, how your investments are performing and also the cost of it. In addition, you will get an access to expertise and insights which can help you gain your specific  goals. Collaborative approach is used to wealth management that is all about transparency, accountability and taking ownership of your financial life.

You may often watch Charles Schwab wealth management commercial and you then you are attracted to join. Well. it is a good decision. You can visit the office of Charles Schwab near you. Do not worry about the office that is far, because now Charles Schwab offices are available in 48 states in the United States. Even, you can find the offices more than one in every state and it makes the clients or prospective clients easier to access Charles Schwab. The team of Charles Schwab believe that investors deserve better. So, they have some promises:

  • Partnering

At Schwab, you are not just a client. They believe that when they  become partner with you and get to know you, they can work together on your terms.

  • Advice

Schwab experts and advice will give you access to commentary and insights and those will be understandable, actionable and relevant.

  • Choice

A broad range of investment option are offered by them from leading asset managers across the industry, not just our own.

  • Transparency

They will be honest and open in all aspects of our relationship and it includes what you pay for their services and the thinking behind their advice.

  • Value

They design their services and products with an aim of driving down costs, so investors have more money to invest.

The dedicated Financial Consultant can collaborate with you to help you  in defining you preferences, goals, and involvement.  So, first, you need to select from a various services based on your wealth management goals, that include portfolio management, trading, retirement planning and more. Second, you can get access to experienced specialists in areas like global investing, fixed income, charitable giving and estate planning. Third, you are able to enjoy 24/7 client service via the website of Schwab and their mobile apps. Besides, your Financial Consultant can help you to create a holistic financial plan. They can help you to set up a financial plan which reflects a disciplined approach to investing that include inflation expectations, risk analysis, and asset allocation. They also can help you to guarantee your financial plan reflects your priorities, from retirement income and estate planning to insurance and debt management. The last but not least, you are able to meet them regularly to help keep your plan up to date as your life evolves.

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