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When you travel abroad, one of the things that you have to think is about money. However, by the presence of ATM, we can withdraw money anywhere and anytime. Getting money from ATM is the best way to get local currency overseas because it is easy, quick and you will be able to get a great exchange rate. But, you may not know that everytime you withdraw, you will be charged $5 to $7 if you get from different ATM bank. So, it is better if you choose the right bank so that you will pay $0 in ATM fees from now.

Charles Schwab can be your good option. With Charles Schwab Investor Checking Account, you do not need to pay the bankers again because Schwab will refund all of your ATM fees even if it is charged by other banks anywhere in the world. One of the customers of Schwab says that this bank does not play games like many others banks. The customer service is great. Then, there is no minimum balance, online banking is easy and everything is free.

Charles Schwab Travel Notice
Another customer of Schwab also says that Charles Schwab debit card is the best travel card. Here are the reasons.

  • You will no be charged any ATM fees whatsoever.
  • They will refund you for any fees charged by other banks.
  • You are able to go to the ATM each day when you are travelling to withdraw money because you will not worry about fees.
  • There is no minimum account balance and no monthly service fees.
  • You will feel that it is easy to connect to a real person when you call, and their reps are helpful and nice.

If you travel or if you are from an area where the bank has one branch, then this will be the best debit card to get. Schwab provides some traveling tips for you that you can do before you travel. First, you need to update your contact information. If the team of Schwab suspect unauthorized account access, they will need to contact you. So, they will need your most recent phone numbers and email address. It is very important that they have your cell phone number on record, in case they need to reach you while you are traveling. So, verify your contact information online and then give them a call at 800-724-7526 if you need to make any changes. Second, if you have a laptop, it is better to bring it. Why? It is because your personal computer will be more secure than a public one when you need to access your Schwab account. Third, Switch to online statements. Paper statements have a chance to be stolen or lost. So, you need paperless statements which can be accessed securely and are available up to 10 years. If you want, sign up for paperless statements before you go travelling.

If you suspect that it is an unauthorized access to your account when you are travelling, it is important to act quickly. You can contact Schwab first at 800-724-7526. If you are abroad, you can call them at +1-330-908-4777.

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