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Ready to bring your trading to Charles Schwab? It is very easy. As the largest bank and brokerage firm in the United States, Charles Schwab Corporation provide the best platform in supporting your trade. You have to know that there is Charles Schwab trading platform. It is StreetSmart Edge. The Schwab’s premier trading platform show a customizable and intuitive workflow which aligns with the way how you trade. By using the StreetSmart® platform you are able to act and make advanced tools and charting easy to use, whether your strategy is simple or complex.

By the way, do you ever heard about this Charles Schwab trading platform? What do you know about this trading platform? Actually, in the last time, there is our reader who asks us about trading platform of Charles Schwab. So, at the moment, in this article we are going to discuss about that Trading Platform. Now, we will share about the advanced features and design of Charles Schwab Trading Platform. Let us see its explanation in the text below.

Charles Schwab Trading Platform

  1. Design of StreetSmart Edge is able to adapt to your style. It is also flexible enough to grow with you as your strategies advance.
  2. The integrated tools make identifying, acting, and the potential opportunities logical and efficient.
  3. The features of the risk management are able to help you more easily monitor. It is also make you easier to take action on open orders and positions.


  1. You have to know that access of StreetSmart Edge on your desktop is by using the software which downloadable.
  2. Desktop or web access versions has ability to make and save multiple layouts, customize tools, expand the platform to multiple monitors and more.


By using this Charles Schwab trading platform, you are able to explore the key StreetSmart Edge features which designed to help traders execute even complex strategies easily and quickly. Here, you are able to find opportunities, research & analyze, build and place stock, ETF, and options trade orders within a single window. Besides that, you can also explore the manage risk, monitor accounts, customizable Trading Platform and system requirements.

In addition, in this article we will also share the way to Modify StreetSmart Edge, Charles Schwab trading platform. If you are interested to know the way to custom layouts, let us read its way in the text below.


  1. You are able to make and edit multiple layouts in supporting the tool combinations for different trading tasks.
  2. Then, you are able to drag layout containers to a different screen when using multiple monitors.
  3. Please magnify layout sizes to fit more tool windows on a large display or you can also reduce them for use on laptops or tablets.

Well, this is the explanation about Charles Schwab trading platform. If you need more information about trading platform of Charles Schwab, do not hesitate to ask us.

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