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Charles Schwab Streetsmart Edge is known as the advanced software own by Charles Schwab. This software makes the most frequently used trading tools more intuitive to use. This one is more modern compared to the others. With this toll, you are able to experience the newest trading technology innovations from Charles Schwab.

Every client of Charles Schwab is recommended to move to Streetsmart Edge from the Streetsmart Pro for the best trading experience. If you are still loyal to Streetsmart Pro, unfortunately, you will no longer be able to use it once the platform is phased. There are a lot of usres of Streetsmart Pro that have moved to Streetsmart Edge. When will you?

Charles Schwab Streetsmart
The users who have moved know that Streetsmart Edge has the tools they want, including CNBC TV, Trader’s Marketplace, Trade & Probability Calculator, and so on. Another interesting thing about it is the latest trading technology. Are you interested in this software?

There is the good news for all the account holders of Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab allows all account holders to use this software. Then, how to install Streetsmart Edge? Apparently, Streetsmart Edge is able to be launched and downloaded from the official website of Charles Schwab. To download and install one, the first thing you have to do is to log into the official website of Charles Schwab. Then, click Download button in order to save this so called Streetsmart Edge software to your PC. When the software has downloaded, please launch the installer and accept the agreements provided.

Before downloading and installing Streetsmart Edge, you have to know that there are some system requirements for this software. The configuration of the operating system recommended by Charles Schwab is Window 8.1 (64-bit) or later. As for the other ones, it is IntelCOre i7/AMD FX 8150 or faster (min: IntelCOre i5) for the processor, 4 GB RAM (min 2 GB RAM) for the memory, 200 MB available disk space for the hard disk, 1 GB or more (min: 512 MB) for the graphics or video memory, and 10 Mbps or faster (min: 5 Mbps) for the download speed. So, does your PC have the system requirements for installing Streetsmart Edge?

If the configuration of your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements, you can see the Cloud requirements that might be more suitable for your needs. To know more about it, you can visit the official website of Charles Schwab to know what you should do. If you face any difficulties and have any questions and want to talk directly to the customer service of Charles Schwab, please call their helpline which is 800-435-9050. Do not forget to call on the workdays and work time, so your call will be answered directly. If you have more time and want to consult to the professional of Charles Schwab face to face, you might want to visit the office or branch of Charles Schwab. It is better for you to visit the nearest one and please fill the appointment first before making a visit.

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