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Charles Schwab is one of the biggest banks and brokerage firms in the United States. this one provides the services for everyone that is investing online. There are four major divisions operated by Charles Schwab. Those are investing, wealth management, banking, and trading. Right now, the company has 345 branches in 46 states of the United States, one branch in Puerto Rico, and one in London.

The paragraph above shows how big is Charles Schwab. As one of the biggest companies, there are a lot of people who want to join this company as there are a lot of opportunities for every employee to hit bigger. Are you one of them who want to join Charles Schwab? Before deciding, you might want to consider Charles Schwab salary first. here is the information about it.

Charles Schwab Salary
For those who want to apply as the financial consultant of Charles Schwab, you have to know that the Charles Schwab financial consultant salary is $77,912 per year. This information is taken from the official website of Glassdoor.

For those who have a plan to join Charles Schwab as the financial advisor salary, apparently, the typical Charles Schwab financial advisor salary is $60,534. Another source source stated that the salary of the financial advisor in Charles Schwab can range from $40,640 to $70,000. This data is based upon 5 reports of Chrales Schwab financial advisor salary that provided by the employees or based upon the statistics methods. If there are bonuses and additional compensation added, the average total pay can be around $93,880.

If those average salaries of Charles Schwab sound promising to you, then it is time for you to look for Charles Schwab careers. The information about the job vacancies of Charles Schwab can be found easily at the official website of Charles Schwab. So, make sure and do not hesitate to visit one.

How about the Charles Schwab broker salary? It is said that the salary for the broker of Charles Schwab is about $42,079 per year. The other average salaries of Charles Schwab are $34,085 per year for front desk agent, $122,026 per year for project manager or business analyst, $36,360 per year for the customer service representative, $102,547 per year for the vice president of finance, $44,863 per year for the registered representative, $54,064 per year for the vendor manager, $37,291 per year for the client services, $115,117 per year for the senior manager, $300 per say for the investment manager, $45,609 per year for the operations associate, $54,062 per year for the administrative assistant, $28,750 per year for the senior administrator, and so on.

Those information stated above is from 1,261 data points gathered drectly from many sides, including employees, user, and past and present job ads. In this case, there might be the difference, so it is better for you to get the actual information from the official website of Charles Schwab. If there is no one in the website, you can send them an email or dial the number of the customer service.

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