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Charles Schwab has Schwab Intern Academy which gives rising seniors, juniors and also graduates students the chance to experience the culture of service in Schwab and also a chance to challenge themselves through a structured blend of learning programs, networking opportunities, team-building activities, and also enriching work projects. Based on a survey that was conducted by Vault, Schwab Intern Academy ranked #7 among the top internship programs in financial services for 2017 and is considered one of the best across all industries.

Talk about joining internship, usually salary is not the problem because the main purpose of joining this is for learning. Then, how much is Charles Schwab internship salary? According to Glassdoor, the salary of intern employee is different from one another based on their position. The average is about $21.71 per hour. For technology intern, usually they will earn $25.79 per hour. Then, for summer intern, they will earn $22.00 per hour and for analyst intern, they will earn about $15 to $20 per hour. For more detail, you are able to check it in the website of Glassdoor.

Charles Schwab Internship
Before deciding to join internship program, it is better to know the Charles Schwab internship review? Some people who worked there say that joining with this company will make you get work experience and growth. In general the job is stable and the staff are friendly and you will get great benefits as well. The culture of work is also great. The training for career advancement is fair as well. If you join Schwab Intern Academy, you will be offered a meaningful summer experience by working on real business projects which assist us meet the needs of our clients. Besides, every Schwab intern will be supported by a direct leader, human resource professionals and also has connections with senior leaders.

Then, if we are very interested in joining the internship program of Schwab, and then we have a chance to be interviewed, what are the Charles Schwab internship interview questions? Well, you have to note that there are three steps of interview. The first is phone screening. It occurs about one hour. The recruiter will try to get to know you. Just make sure that you answer it confidently and present yourself in a good way. Then, a month later, you will be contacted by a manager for another interview. Some people who experienced this step say that this interview is easy going and the conversation is laidback. After that, two interviews with senior managers. This one is also casual and comfortable. If you wish to be an intern in this company, just do the best in the recruitment. Try to research a lot of things related to this company and also learn about how to answer job interview well. For searching the other things related to salary, review and interview questions, you are able to search in the Schwab glassdoor.

Joining internship program in Charles Schwab can be a good way to start your good career. You can learn many things from that and a precious experience will bring you to the higher level.

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