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HSA or Health savings Accounts are the accounts of tax-advantages savings and investment which is available for people with high-deductible health plans. You are able to put aside your money in an HSA, free of federal taxes, to pay for qualified medical expenses. The money that you have invested or saved in HSA will grow federal-tax-free. If you spend the money on qualified medical expenses like prescription medications, doctor visits, dental care and eye exams, the withdrawals that you do will not be taxed, either.

HSA is made in 2003 to support people with high deductible health plans a tax break, because a lot of health plans which is employer-sponsored have shifted more of the responsibility of paying for health care to individuals. Now, there are 22 million people participate in HSA and about 72% of employers with more than 500 employees look set to offer these accounts by 2019. It increases from less than a quarter in 2010.

Charles Schwab HSA
So, who can open HSA Charles Scwhab? People who can open HSA are those who are eligible to enroll in HSA if:

  1. They are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan
  2. They are not covered by another health plans that is not high-deductible for example, a plan of spouse
  3. They can not be claimed as a dependant on someone else’s tax return
  4. They are not enrolled in Medicare

This health plans which are high deductible have deductibles which are higher than average. For 2017, IRS defines them as requiring annual out- of- pocket payments of $1,300 for an individual plan and for a family plan $2,600 among the other requirements.

Then, how do we contribute? In case your employers gives a high-deductible health plan, it can also direct you toward an HSA. Several employers even make annual contributions to their employees’ HSA accounts. Besides, you are also able to open an account on your own through a qualified HSA provider like insurance company or bank. The, can we invest HSA balances? Funds in a Charles Schwab HSA account can be invested even though the investment options will be various and it depends on the administrator of HSA. Several HSAs have choices which are limited like a bank savings account. Others may offers a lot of products which include mutual funds or exchange-traded-funds. You have to note that a lot of plans needs a minimum balance. For example, it must be $1,000 or $2,000 before you can make investments.

What will happen if we change jobs? Your HSA is portable. It means that if you change your jobs, you are able to take it with you. Then, if you pass away with money still in your account, you are able to leave it to your spouse or other heirs. Then, what is a qualified medical expense? The answer is diagnostic tests and laboratory fees, doctor visits, eye and dental exams, prescription medication psychiatric care and many other types of expenses. For checking the complete list of qualified expenses, you can see IRS Publication 502 in the website of Charles Schwab.

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