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Charles Schwab has a lot of branches and it makes customers easy to access and use the services of this company. If you are a citizen of Honolulu or you live in Honolulu, you can also use the services of Charles Schwab easily because there is branch office in this city.

When you visit the branch office of Charles Schwab in Honolulu, you probably wonder whether the services will be the same with other branches or not. Well, you do not have to be worried because when you visit the branch office of Charles Schwab you will meet team who are friendly and experienced. They will also help you with personalized help. In addition, you will also have an access to specialists, expertise, and insights who are ready to help you to reach your specific goals. They realize that this company is a part of your local community. So, they will welcome you and they are committed to giving you answers to your questions and the answers will be straightforward and transparent.

What do they offer? They offer wealth management, retirement planning and portfolio management. Wealth management is a service which was offered by a credentialed Financial Consultant to aid a client in managing and enhance the financial situation of client. Charles Schwab team will help you in understanding where your money invested, how your investments are performing, and how much it is costing you. Retirement planning is a service of Charles Schwab which will help you lay the groundwork for the retirement you envision and it will be done with practical, personal guidance, a wide range of online resources and clear next steps. You need a help of this because Schwab team understand that you do not know much for sure about how much money that you need, how long it will last and when it comes to saving for retirement. How about portfolio management? You can find the range of investment advice option in Charles Schwab. By Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, they will build, monitor and also automatically rebalance a portfolio of low cost exchange traded funds. By Schwab Intelligent Advisory, you will find a way to plan for your financial goals. Their unique approach combines personal advice with powerful online planning tool.

Charles Schwab in Honolulu is located at 700 Bishop St, Suite #100 Honolulu, HI 96813. Before you visit, you have to know the operating hours of Charles Schwab in Honolulu. It operates from Monday to Friday at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, it is closed. If you want to call to the office, you are able to call to 808-532-9780. If you need to ask something or need a help, you are also able to call to the support at 800-435-4000 and it it available 24/7. You have to note that in Honolulu branch, check deposits are accepted until 1:00 pm and cash deposits are not accepted. For more info, you are able to call to the number above or you can visit the office directly.

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