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Do you have a plan to go abroad? If so, you may think about setting travel notification for your debit card. Usually, if you want to go abroad, you will have to set travel notification by calling to the customer service of the bank or you can do that by visiting the website of the bank and then you will have to complete a form. Then, how about Charles Schwab Debit Card?

If you use Charles Schwab Debit card, to set a travel notice, you just need to do it online. Charles Schwab is paperless which means that you do not have to worry to do an old fashioned paper mail going to a physical address. You can send message and notice which are accessible in your online account. You just need to submit easily your debit card travel notices 24/7 online. By doing this, you will get fast and personalized confirmation for peace of mind. So, your card will always work whenever and wherever you are. The system is also smart. You will be allowed to use it in neighboring countries without any problem which is extremely helpful during you transit and layover. When you submit the request of debit card travel notice, you will have to choose the account associated with the debit card you are traveling with and also fill in a form which consist of Start date, end date, travelling destination whether it is domestic or international, your contact phone number while traveling, and message. For message section, it is optional. Before you submit the debit card travel notice request, you have to read the important information regarding the travel notice. Then, if you have an existing travel notice request, you need to check message center to review it. You also have to know that debit card travel notices are active for a maximum of 60 days for your account. If you want to extend your travel notice more than 60 days, starting travel in 48 hours, or maybe you want to travel on cruise, you are able to call Charles Schwab at 888-403-9000.

Charles Schwab Debit Card is the best debit card for travelers. Besides you can set the travel notice easily as we explained above, there are some other reasons why this debit card is good for you. First, it is accepted worldwide. High Yield Investor Checking Account of this bank is an easy and convenient account to bank and travel with. It is because the Visa Platinum debit card is accepted in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Second, there is no foreign transaction fees. Your money is really yours because there is no foreign transaction fees, no monthly fees, no exchange rate markup, free bill pay, no minimum balance, free checks, free check deposit, and a free brokerage account. Third, there is automatic atm fee reimbursement. You can use ATMs worldwide with reckless abandon since Schwab will refund every out-of-network fee you get charged anywhere, no matter how many withdrawals you do. And the last but not least, there is helpful app to use on the go. In this app, you can manage everything on your phone whenever you want.

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