Charles Schwab Cup Championship

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Have you ever heard about Charles Schwab Cup Championship? This is the final event of the season on the Unites States which is based PGA Tour Champions, the leading golf tour in the world for male professionals who are 50 years old and above. This championship is played in late October or early November every year. This is PGA Tour Champuons’ equivalent of the PGA Tour’s Tour Championship and was previously notable as the Senior Tour Championship. Same as the Tour Championship, it owns a small field and no half-way cut. If you want to check the Charles Schwab cup standings, you can visit the website of PGA tour at

Until 2015, the top 30 money winners made up the field. But since 2016, 36 golf players have competed and the event is the final stage of a three-tournament playoff that is the same with that used by the regular PGA Tour for its FedEx Cup. Until 2015, this tournament owned another difference which made it unique on PGA Tour Champions which was the only event, other than the tour’s 5 majors, that is contested for 4 rounds. Since 2016, it has returned to being held for 3 rounds. From 2013, the purse has been $2,500,000, with $440,000 going to the winner.

Charles Schwab Cup Championship
Perhaps you are curious about the Charles Schwab cup annuity. Well the winner of this tournament will receive $1 million bonus in the form of an annuity and the other golf players finishing in the top 5 also will receive bonus payouts in the forms of annuities as well. The annuities for places two through five respectively are worth $500,000, $300,000, $200,000 and $100,000. Besides, the winner will also get the pretty trophy which is a golden cup that was designed by Tiffany & Co.

You may also be curious about the Charles Schwab cup winners. Here, we have the list of the winner from each year.

  • 2001 : Allen Doyle
  • 2002 : Hale Irwin
  • 2003 : Tom Watson
  • 2004 : Hale Irwin
  • 2005 : Tom Watson
  • 2006 : Jay Haas
  • 2007 : Loren Roberts
  • 2008 : Jay Haas
  • 2009 : Loren Roberts
  • 2010 : Bernhard Langer
  • 2011 : Tom Lehman
  • 2012 : Tom Lehman
  • 2013 : Kenny Perry
  • 2014 : Bernhard Langer
  • 2015 : Bernhard Langer
  • 2016 : Bernhard Langer
  • 2017 : Kevin Sutherland

The 3 tournaments which make up this tournament Playoffs and number of golf players in the field at each, are:

  • Charles Schwab Cup Championship has 36 golf players in the field.
  • PowerShares QQQ Championship has 54 golf players in the field.
  • Dominion Charity Classic has 72 golf players and 72 on the money list. In addition, it is also possibly one wildcard which is a golf player who is outside the top 72 in money but he finishes in the top 10 of the preceding tournament.

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