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Are you one of the clients of Charles Schwab? If the answer to the question is yes, then this article might useful for you. This article is made with the thought of the client of Charles Schwab who does not know how to do Schwab client login. Are you one of them? Please read every word well if it is yes and you can also leave the page is it is no.

To log into the Charles Schwab as the client, the first thing you have to do is to open the official website of Charles Schwab which is When you are in the homepage, you will see Log In button at the top right of the page. Click that one, and pick Sign On. Then, choose Customer Center Login as your option. once you clicked it, you will be directed to the page of Client Center Login.

Charles Schwab Client Login
Apparently, there are some columns that you have to fill as part of Schwab login for clients. Two of them are Login ID column and Password column. Please fill them out the same as the information when you create the account for the first time. Filling the two of them requires accuracy, especially the password one. You are better to do it slowly and just retry if you are not so sure. In case you forget tour password, please seek a help by clicking the link of “Forgot your password?” that can you find in the same page. After completing both of them, the next thing you have to do is to select the Start Page. Some of the options are Accounts Summary, Positions, History, Research, Trade Source, Holding Trackers, Order Status, and more. once you are done, please click the green Log In button.

As for the first time users of Charles Schwab who do not have an account yet, you have to create one first. How to get one? First, click the “Open an Account”. You can find that button in the homepage. For your information, there are some options for you to choose such as Brokerage Account, Retirement Account, Estate and Charitable Planning, and so on. Please choose one and follow the rest instructions well.

If you face any difficulties and need assistance that can help you to log into Charles Schwab, please call 00 800 0826-5001 (UK) and 0800 56-3711 (Switzerland). If you are too lazy to talk directly with the representative and prefer sending them an email so it can be clearer, please send one to

if you have any more questions related to Charles Schwab, there are some other contacts that you can try to contact. You can find the contact at the top page of the homepage. For your information, Charles Schwab has more than one number as its customer service number. Each of them has different intention. So, please make sure what you want to know before dialing one of those numbers. Hope you have a good time on joining Charles Schwab.

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