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Are you one of the clients of Charles Schwab and just recently joining this bank? If the answer to the question is yes, you might want to read this whole article. This article will focus on a thing called Charles Schwab cashier’s check. What does it mean? Please read the article well.

Apparently, cashier’s checks are available at most banks and credit unions, including Charles Schwab. These kinds of checks are the safe way to make the big payments. The most important about it is because the bank like Charles Schwab guarantees the payment instead of the purchaser. Then, what is Charles Schwab bank cashiers check? This one is the check that drawn from the bank’s own funds, instead of yours. It is also signed by the cashier or the teller. Generally, cancelling the cashier’s check is not the option. in addition, the cashier’s check can be also called as the official check. This one is used in the place of cash, personal checks, credit cards, or money orders.

When do you need a Charles Schwab cashier’s heck? As stated before, it is best for the big purchases such as a car or a house sale when you cannot use the debit or credit card. Purchasing a chasier’s check from Charles Schwab means that all parties are confident that the transaction is safe and the risk is minimal.

What does Charles Schwab cashier’s check contain? Just like the common cashier’s checks, cashier’s checks of Charles Schwab contain the additional security features such as the watermarks and sometimes the signatures by two bank employees that make counterfeiting more difficult.

How to get the cashier’s check of Charles Schwab? To request the cashiers check Charles Schwab, please call Schwab Bank Customer Service at 1-888-403-9000. Please dial the number at the workdays which are Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. As for the weekends, the company is closed. If you want to get the result as soon as possible, you are also able to visit the office or the branch of Charles Schwab near your area. As the alternative, you can send a request by mail directed to the address of the Charles Schwab branch near your area. Another one is to send an email instead. The email address can be found at the official website of Charles Schwab. You have to take a note that your request will be not answered soon in the weekends even if you send through those alternatives. In this case, you will have to wait until the workdays.

Is requesting for a Charles Schwab cashier’s check free? Unfortunately, it is not. so, how much do you have to spend for a cashier’s check of Charles Schwab? According to some sources, the price is about $10 per check.

Those are the general information about Charles Schwab cashier’s check. If you have any questions related to cashier’s check of Charles Schwab and Charles Schwab in general, please contact the customer service of the company.

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