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At present, you are able to utilize a fully electronic process to help your clients approve new individuals, like accountants or attorneys, for view only access to their accounts. For the first time, those new viewers are not asked to be existing Schwab clients. In the video that is provided in the website of Schwab, you will discover he instructions step by step for providing this access for accounts owned by one or more clients from starting the process on Schwab Advisor Center to the notifications your clients and the new viewers will get. The enhancement discusses about one of the most often requests from clients and advisors and have to make it easier for preparers of tax and other professionals to get access to the information that they need. In case you own any questions regard to this process, you are able to contact your service team.

Besides, there are also new choices for two-factor authentication and accessing statement. Schwab Alliance will offer more choices for clients to make their account more secure and to make it up to date with important information. Immediately, your clients can enroll themselves in two-factor authentication by accessing the Security Center on the website of Schwab Alliance. Then, they will be required to download and activate an app. If you have set up, every time the client does Charles Schwab Alliance Login, to the website, they will be required to fill in an automatically generated security code. This feature develops the security of their Schwab login ID and password. Furthermore, starting in March your clients can download and email statements from their mobile devices and it makes it more convenient than ever for them to discover the information that they need.

Charles Schwab Alliance
Then, what’s another new thing from Schwab Alliance? There is new update incorporates recent Schwab Alliance enhancements that was done last year. Now, there is Version 8.0 of the Schwab Mobile app to your clients. This release significantly enlarges the functionality of the app and sends a user experience that is consistent with Scwhab Alliance on the web. The enhancements include:

  • New account summary view which makes it easier and simpler for clients to check important details.
  • An enhanced message center which assists clients to discover and act on notifications.
  • Customizable alert settings which clients set “push” and notifications that is text-based for trading activity, transfers, deposits and profile changes.
  • Travel notification functionality which assists clients keep their debit card access secure when you are traveling.

Besides, Schwab Alliance also created streamlined security and adding external accounts in Schwab Alliance. While securing your clients against online security is paramount, it makes it easy for them to access their account easily is equally critical. So, they are streamlining the process. Beginning from September 8, if clients enroll for web access by going directly to Schwab Alliance, they are able to select to verify their identity through a phone call or text message, rather than by answering questions about their account.

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